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Janet Huey is an Actress, Filmmaker, Choreographer, and Creative Solutionist.


Janet began dancing at the age of three and choreographed her first dance show to Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” in her living room at eight. This deep love of performance led her to study Musical Theater at AMDA in LA. This ultimately brought her to her current home in NY where her bicoastal lifestyle allows her to flourish in all avenues of art.


As an Actress, Janet was the lead in the micro series Object Affection which explores her dry humor with an Armchair as her costar. She had the opportunity to bring her love of astrology to life playing a Witch in How To Treat A Snakebite. She’s been seen twirling about at the New Amsterdam Theater, The Triad Theater, the Actors Temple in NYC all the way west to a full house at the MGM Grand in Vegas.

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From musicals to music videos, she’s a real triple threat who also specializes in fire, bellydance and burlesque. She is currently working with Jen Rudolph and the 2% Collective to refine her Buisness of Acting and Marketing. 


As a Filmmaker, Janet’s been known to kickoff her dancing shoes and put on her Producer Hat! She recently Executive Produced her first comedy special, The Life and Divorce of Jacq the Stripper. She has five short films currently headed to the Film Festival Circuit. She is currently in development for three episodic series and two feature films. 


As a Choreographer, Janet has an extensive resume creating and developing live stage shows, immersive events, and music videos. Recent music videos include Makers Mark by Copyslut, Body Roll by Ja’Shayla, Ain’t I Am Woman by Pauline Jean. 


As a Creative Solutionist, Janet has been known to solve problems on the fly in every aspect of her life and career and is frequently consulting in every genre of entertainment. She is a firm believer that there is no “I” in team and loves that it takes a village to create. Everyone’s presence on the team brings value and is an asset to the creative process. 


She loves sushi, swarovski’s and spin class.

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