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Janet has been producing film, music videos and live theater for over a decade. She is in love with the process from beginning to end. She has been an Executive Producer, Producer and Line Producer for several projects. 

Producer for Tuesdays with Brian created by Jacq Frances.

Starring Jacqueline Frances, Valley Latini, Andrea Acevedo, Karmenife X, Ben Jacobson, and Sunny Serrano

Tuesdays with Brian 

The Well 

Producer of The Well created by Miles Orduña.  SAG/AFTRA 

Starring Robert Lee Leng, Daniel Abeles, Gordon Joseph Weiss

The Well horizontal with mcmin laurel.png

Producer of Love Abridged Created and Directed by Corinne Kassor. Filmed in August 2020 during the pandemic.

Starring Cristina Spina. 


Producer of Consider the Lilies created and written by Cristina Spina and Frank Pugliese. SAG/AFTRA

Starring Arielle Goldman, Onie Maceo Watlington, Valorie Hubbard, Daniel Sauli, Tori Ernst

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